String Hoppers (Iddyappam) a favourite breakfast dish in Sri Lanka. It is also a good choice for a light dinner. This is specially eaten with coconut gravy/ Kiri hodhi and with Pol Sambol. String Hopper press and hoppers mats might available from Indian and Sri Lankan food store. This String Hoppers can be made with wheat flour also, but you have to steam the flour first before to make string hoppers. Wheat flour string hoppers will give you more softer than this rice flour string hoppers.


White Rice Flour 500g
Salt 1 ½  TSP or to taste
Boiling   Water 200 ml or as needed


How I made it:-

  • Sift the flour into a wide bowl.
  • Add the salt to the Boiling water and then gradually add the hot water to the flour and work into soft dough.


  • Place the dough in a string hopper press and press the both handle to squeeze onto hopper mats.
  • Place the hopper mats in a steamer or a large idly pot with trivet at the bottom and sufficient water to just reach the trivet’s rungs.