Sesame balls are so nutritious and easy to make. Sri Lankan sesame balls are tasty and with pounded palm jaggery it tastes awesome. Recently i studied a article about sesame seeds and it says that, a handful of sesame seeds contain more calcium than a glass of milk, they are beneficial for maintaining bones and preventing disorders related to week bones and teeth. As such, osteoporosis in middle aged and older women is prevented to a great extent. Also it helps to lower the cholesterol.
Healthier dessert for your sweet tooth too.


Sesame Seeds (White) 200 gm.
Jaggery 100   gm.
water ½ cup
Ghee/rice   flour 1 TBS

How I made it:-

  • Dry roast the sesame seeds until it turns brown in colour and starts to crackles.
  • Same time boil the water then adds the jaggery over medium heat and stir until the jaggery starts to dissolves and blends to form a paste.
  • To check the consistency of the syrup, simply drop the syrup in water and check if its get harden.
  • Once you’ve got the right consistency of the syrup mix the sesame seeds in it.
  • Grease the ghee/rice flour on your palm of your hands and roll into balls.
  • Store in an airtight container. Enjoy!