Coconut Sambol

Evidently, fresh coconut has been using in Sri Lanka for all types of curries and sambols. This freshly grated coconut sambol is delicious when it’s really blended with chilli and onions. There is two way of preparing this coconut sambol. One is just to mix all the ingredients, and other is called roasted coconut sambol (Which is the recipe coming soon). You can substitute fresh coconut to desiccated coconut but fresh coconut always tastes better. Just remember to sprinkle some warm water to the desiccated coconut before you prepare this coconut sambol.


Pol Sambol


Fresh Coconut (Grated) 200 g
Crushed Dried Red Chillies 1 TSP
Onion (Chopped) 2 TBS
Maldive Fish 1 1/2 TSP
Black Pepper  1 TSP
Lime Juice 1 TBS/ to taste
Salt To taste



How i made it:-

  • If you are using a whole coconut, use a hammer to break the coconut in half.
  • Grate the coconut using coconut scraper/ use a food processor to chop the coconut.
  • Grind the red chilli, onion, pepper and maldive fish in a blender and blend it for 30 seconds or until smooth.

pol sambol method1


  • Take out from the blender and put the mixture into a bowl and add the coconut, salt and lime juice and mix well by hand until the coconut is well coated with the mixture.

 Pol sambol method 2


 Coconut sambol with Roti



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    1. Wow this sambal is our family fav. I loves srilankan dishes I do make quite few dishes like sodhi and other recipes cuz most of my cousins are married to srilankans. Nice to know u through blogging and thanks for stopping by my space.


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