About me

a small story about myself

Welcome to My Sri Lankan Recipes! My name is Dhanish and I am the founder of My Sri Lankan Recipes.

Here you will find

  • Quick and easy meals made using everyday ingredients.
  • New spins on classics and old favorites.
  • Easy dishes from around the world with focus on Sri Lankan, Indian, and American cuisines.

I'm not a professional baker/chef. Just a simple Stay-at-Home-Mum enjoying baking & cooking for my 2 children and hubby.

Originally from Sri Lanka, I now live in Australia with my husband and two kids. 

Growing up, home cooking was an eclectic mix of Indians, Sinhalese, Muslims and Burgher cuisines (the Dutch, Portuguese). Today, Western, Chinese, and other cuisines have joined the mix.

I got myself indulged in culinary after my marriage. I cook simple and easy dishes mostly. Loved to share my creations with rest of the world and would be so grateful if it helps someone someway. I'm a learner and will forever learn. 

I am not a regular blogger but will make entries whenever time permits, at least once a week! :)  So please stay with me. I do have other priorities than blogging, especially my precious family.

All recipes are tried and tested in my little kitchen. If you have any comments, do feel free to drop me an email at myslrecipe@gmail.com


Happy Cooking!

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